Anaheim, California Wedding at The Riverbed Farms

​​This was the first time I have ever seen anyone include their doggies into their full ceremony and it was the sweetest thing. There were smiles on people's faces, smiles on puppy faces, and kisses all around (see first kiss below to see what I mean). The venue at Riverbed Farms was beautiful with rows of organic kale, flowers, and greenery that made for unique, lush picturesque moments. Without a second thought, Kevin and Michelle went running through the ivy and foliage for fun. They're some of the most laid back and fun people I've had the pleasure to meet and work with. Their creativity shined through by the details they chose, from the bouquets full of artichoke, lemons and pops of color, to the home-grown succulents mom grew in her background, to the two stunning gowns Michelle wore. It was clear that there was so much love and energy put into the wedding, which entirely paid off. 

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