Kari + Tom

An Intimate Los Angeles California Wedding
When Kari and Tom emailed me letting me know that they were having their wedding at a Pizza Parlor, I honestly didn't know what to expect! When I went, I was completely blown away by the details and the vibrant personality of the whole wedding party. The colors were outrageously stylish, the murals, décor, and delivery truck at the pizza joint were incredibly fun, and the moments were full of joy. Kari picked red shoes and the cutest earrings to fit her pizza-parlor styled wedding. On top of planning a beyond perfect intimate wedding, these two might just be some of the most giggly people I have ever met! Sooooo many photos are full of laughter. I definitely had to blog this one for its uniqueness. 

For those who want to check this place out, see: Delicious Pizza, 5419 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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